A Guide to Energy-Efficient Boilers

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Are the home’s radiators and/or the boiler squeaking and creaking? Or, is the boiler working less efficiently and heating the home unevenly? Any of these problems can indicate that it’s time for boiler replacement. Most boilers last for up to 20 years, but like all other machines, they eventually wear out. Below, readers can learn about energy-efficient boilers, installation costs and eco-friendly options.

Energy-Efficient Boilers

A hydronic boiler is a central heating component that works by warming water, which is circulated throughout the home via baseboard heaters, radiators and in-floor pipes. These heating systems are smaller and more energy-efficient than conventional forced-air furnaces, which means that the replacement cost may be partially balanced by the appliance’s diminished fuel consumption. When buying a boiler, look for its EnergyStar rating. This ensures that the boiler has an AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) of 85% or higher.

Today’s Boilers are Greener in Many Ways

Modern boilers are more eco-friendly for the reasons listed below.

  • They are electrically ignited rather than using a pilot light, which constantly uses fuel.

  • Improved combustion technology means that additional heat can be extracted from fuel than was previously available, which lowers the unit’s carbon footprint.

  • The sealed system means that the burner is fueled by outdoor air, which reduces the possibility of dangerous indoor CO emissions.

  • A condensing boiler uses excess heat to preheat water before it enters, making it one of the most efficient options.

Boiler Fuel Types

Homeowners have a choice of boiler systems, which are powered by a range of fuels. The most common options are propane, natural gas, oil and electricity. While natural gas boilers are the least expensive to operate, the home must have a gas line or the ability to connect to one. Because of the higher cost of electricity, an electric boiler is usually the most expensive option.

Installation Cost

The expense of boiler installation is related to the desired heating capacity, which in turn depends on home and family size. Other factors affecting spending might include ductwork replacement, radiator and piping setup, old unit removal, climate and location. For more plumbing and heating tips, visit a local boiler repair company.

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