Planning a trip to Broome, Western Australia, and in need of the perfect accommodation? Look no further! In this guide, we’ll take you on a journey to explore the diverse range of accommodation options available in Broome. Whether you’re seeking a luxurious beachfront resort, a cozy bed and breakfast, or a budget-friendly backpacker hostel, Broome has something for everyone. So, let’s dive in and discover the best places to stay in this enchanting coastal town.

Accommodation in Broome

Broome offers a wide array of accommodation options to suit every traveler’s preferences and budget. From luxurious resorts to quaint guesthouses, here are some of the best places to stay in Broome:

  1. Cable Beach Resorts: Experience the epitome of luxury at the world-renowned Cable Beach resorts. With stunning ocean views, lavish amenities, and impeccable service, these resorts provide an unforgettable experience for discerning travelers.
  2. Boutique Hotels in the Heart of Broome: Immerse yourself in the unique charm of Broome by staying at one of the boutique hotels in the town center. These accommodations offer a blend of history, culture, and modern comfort, all within walking distance of Broome’s main attractions.
  3. Family-Friendly Accommodations: If you’re traveling with your family, there are numerous family-friendly accommodations in Broome. From spacious apartments to resorts with kid-friendly facilities, these accommodations ensure a memorable stay for the whole family.
  4. Budget-Friendly Options: Traveling on a tight budget? Broome has several budget-friendly options, including backpacker hostels and affordable motels. These accommodations provide a comfortable stay without breaking the bank.
  5. Self-Catering Apartments: For those who prefer a home-away-from-home experience, self-catering apartments are a great choice. Enjoy the convenience of a fully equipped kitchen and the flexibility to explore Broome at your own pace.
  6. Caravan Parks and Camping Sites: Embrace the natural beauty of Broome by staying at one of the caravan parks or camping sites. Wake up to breathtaking sunrises, enjoy outdoor activities, and connect with nature in this idyllic setting.

Now that we have explored the various types of accommodations in Broome, let’s delve deeper into each category.

Cable Beach Resorts: Unparalleled Luxury by the Sea

When it comes to luxury accommodations in Broome, Cable Beach resorts take center stage. These world-class resorts offer an indulgent retreat for travelers seeking the utmost in comfort and relaxation. Here’s what makes them so special:

  1. Exquisite Beachfront Locations: Imagine waking up to the gentle sound of waves and stepping onto pristine white sands right outside your door. Cable Beach resorts boast breathtaking beachfront locations, allowing guests to soak up the sun and savor the beauty of the Indian Ocean.
  2. Luxurious Amenities: From infinity pools and day spas to gourmet dining and private cabanas, Cable Beach resorts spare no expense in providing a truly opulent experience. Indulge in spa treatments, enjoy world-class cuisine, and unwind in lavish surroundings.
  3. Unforgettable Sunset Camel Rides: One of the most iconic experiences in Broome is a sunset camel ride along Cable Beach. Many resorts offer this unique activity, allowing guests to create lasting memories against the backdrop of the vibrant Broome sunset.

Boutique Hotels in the Heart of Broome: Where History Meets Modern Comfort

For travelers seeking a blend of history, culture, and modern comfort, the boutique hotels in the heart of Broome are the perfect choice. These establishments capture the essence of Broome’s rich heritage while offering contemporary amenities. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Intimate Atmosphere: Boutique hotels in Broome are known for their intimate and welcoming atmosphere. With a limited number of rooms, guests receive personalized attention and enjoy a sense of exclusivity.
  2. Historical Significance: Many boutique hotels in Broome are heritage-listed buildings that have been restored to their former glory. Immerse yourself in the town’s fascinating history as you stay in these unique accommodations.
  3. Proximity to Attractions: Staying in the heart of Broome means you’ll be within walking distance of popular attractions such as Chinatown, Matso’s Brewery, and the Broome Courthouse Markets. Explore the town’s vibrant culture and discover hidden gems at every turn.

Family-Friendly Accommodations: Creating Memories for All Ages

Traveling with your family? Broome offers a range of family-friendly accommodations designed to cater to the needs of both parents and children. Here’s why these accommodations are perfect for a memorable family vacation:

  1. Spacious Apartments: Family-friendly apartments provide ample space for everyone to relax and unwind. Enjoy separate bedrooms, a living area, and a fully equipped kitchen, giving you the flexibility to prepare meals and spend quality time together.
  2. Kid-Friendly Facilities: Many family-friendly accommodations in Broome go the extra mile to ensure children have a fantastic time. Look out for properties with dedicated play areas, pools with water slides, and organized kids’ activities.
  3. Close Proximity to Beaches and Parks: Broome is blessed with beautiful beaches and stunning parks that are perfect for family outings. Family-friendly accommodations are often located near these attractions, allowing you to easily access outdoor adventures.

Budget-Friendly Options: Affordable Comfort

Traveling on a budget doesn’t mean compromising on comfort. Broome offers several budget-friendly options for those seeking affordable accommodation. Here’s why they are worth considering:

  1. Backpacker Hostels: Broome is home to a range of backpacker hostels that provide budget-conscious travelers with a comfortable place to stay. Connect with fellow travelers, enjoy communal facilities, and explore Broome without breaking the bank.
  2. Affordable Motels: If you prefer a bit more privacy, affordable motels in Broome offer a convenient and cost-effective choice. Enjoy comfortable rooms, essential amenities, and easy access to the town’s attractions.
  3. Shared Accommodation: Another budget-friendly option is shared accommodation, where you can rent a room in a shared house or apartment. This option not only saves you money but also gives you an opportunity to meet locals and fellow travelers.

Self-Catering Apartments: Your Home Away from Home

For travelers who value independence and prefer to cook their meals, self-catering apartments in Broome are an excellent choice. Here’s why these accommodations are perfect for a flexible and self-sufficient stay:

  1. Fully Equipped Kitchens: Self-catering apartments come with fully equipped kitchens, including stovetops, refrigerators, and cooking utensils. Prepare your favorite meals and enjoy the convenience of dining in.
  2. More Space and Privacy: Self-catering apartments offer more space and privacy compared to traditional hotel rooms. Enjoy separate living areas, bedrooms, and sometimes even private balconies or gardens.
  3. Cost-Effective for Longer Stays: If you’re planning an extended stay in Broome, self-catering apartments can be more cost-effective than hotels. Save money by preparing your meals and enjoy the comforts of a home-like environment.

Caravan Parks and Camping Sites: Embrace Nature’s Beauty

For outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers, Broome’s caravan parks and camping sites provide the ultimate escape. Immerse yourself in the region’s natural beauty and enjoy a range of outdoor activities. Here’s why you should consider camping in Broome:

  1. Breathtaking Locations: Caravan parks and camping sites in Broome are often situated in picturesque locations, allowing you to wake up to stunning views and connect with nature on your doorstep.
  2. Access to Outdoor Activities: From beachcombing and fishing to hiking and birdwatching, camping in Broome opens up a world of outdoor adventures. Explore the rugged landscapes, encounter unique wildlife, and create lifelong memories.
  3. Facilities for Campers: Caravan parks and camping sites provide essential facilities such as powered sites, clean amenities blocks, and communal areas. Some even offer additional amenities like swimming pools, BBQ areas, and camp kitchens.


Finding the perfect accommodation in Broome is an essential part of planning your trip. Whether you prefer a luxury resort, a cozy boutique hotel, or a budget-friendly option, Broome offers a wide range of accommodations to suit every traveler’s needs. From the pristine beaches of Cable Beach to the charming streets of Broome’s town center, you’ll discover a wealth of options that showcase the beauty and hospitality of this coastal town. Start planning your stay in Broome today and create unforgettable memories in this captivating destination.